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July04, 2014

Burmese government must stop new military operation against ceasefire army in northern Shan State

Since June 2014, the Burma Army has deployed nearly 2,000 troops from over 10 battalions in an operation against a ceasefire group, the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (a.k.a Shan State Army-North or SSA-N), in Kehsi and Murng Hsu townships. The operation has inflicted human rights abuses against hundreds of local civilians.  


June 05,2014

Ongoing attacks by Burma Army against civilians during operations to control strategic border area near Namkham (April 10-June 2 2014)

On April 10, 2014, the Burma Army launched a large-scale offensive against Kachin Independence Army (KIA) positions on the Kachin-Shan State border, close to China.


April 01, 2014

Statement of ShanCBOs

Joint statement of concern by Shan civil society organizations regarding public meeting by Burmese government and Hydrochina to promote dams on the Salween and Nam Ma Rivers

We, the undersigned Shan organizations, are very concerned by the recent public meeting held by representatives of Burma’s Ministry of Electricity,


March 28,2014

Statement by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

Spreading Burma Army attacks and abuses against civilians in Shan State undermine nationwide ceasefire negotiations

 The Shan Human Rights Foundation is deeply concerned at the escalation of attacks and abuses by the Burma Army against civilians in different areas of Shan State during March 2014, which are undermining current negotiations for a nationwide ceasefire.


April 8,2014

News alert

April 8, 2014

Burma Army soldiers beat, stab and rob villager in northern Shan State

A villager distributing invitations to his son’s ordination ceremony was beaten, stabbed and robbed by Burma Army troops of LIB 515 in Tang Yan Township, northern Shan State on 23rd March 2014.



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