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From July 2014 SHRF will no longer use its’ official contact,
but will change to
So if you need to contact us in the future please reach us via the later contact.

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During this holidays, SHRF will be out of office from December 24, 2014 to January 05, 2015. Wish the world, our website visitors and supporters be peaceful and prosperous. Merry Christmas and Mai Soong Pi Mai!

Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF)

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The Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded on 6 December 1990 by its late founding Chairman, Khun Kya Oo.

Our aims:
  1. To strive for human rights and restore justice to the victims;
  2. To promote democracy in accordance with the desire and will of the people, and establish a popular government based on democratic principles;
  3. To strive for unity, fraternity, equality and cooperation;
  4. To strive for world peace, freedom and prosperity.

Our Activities

Since 1997, SHRF has been producing regular reports on human rights violations in Shan State in the form of monthly newsletters in English. These reports are sent to relevant organizations and institutions, and are also posted on the internet.
Since 1999, SHRF has also been producing the monthly report in Shan, in order to raise human rights awareness among Shan communities on both sides of the Thai-Shan border, as well as inform them about human rights violations in Shan State.

SHRF also carries out research and periodically publishes detailed reports on specific issues related to human rights in Shan State.