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13 December, 2013


Villagers in eastern Shan State suffer forced labour and extortion by Burma Army troops guarding loggers in Salween dam flood zone

An update by the Shan Human Rights Foundation Summary

Villagers in Murng Paeng township are being used as forced labour by Burmese government troops giving security to military-linked logging operations above the planned Ta Sang dam on the Salween River.

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October 31, 2013


News release by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

Villagers confined after Burma Army shelling of Shan ceasefire group near Thai border

Ethnic Padaung villagers of Ho Ha, in Ho Mong township, southern Shan State, were confined in their village for three days after Burmese Army soldiers attacked the nearby base of a Shan ceasefire group earlier this week.

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27 September 2013


Human rights abuses by Burma Army during conflict in northern Shan State during September 2013

Civilian vehicles forced to accompany Burmese military as shields along Muse-Namkham road

On September 12, 2013, about 60 civilian vehicles were forced to accompany Burmese troops travelling from Muse to Namkham.

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