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Burma Army shoots at civilian vehicles in two separate incidents in northern Shan State, seriously injuring three and killing one civilian


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May 27, 2015


Burma Army shoots at civilian vehicles in two separate incidents in northern Shan State, seriously injuring three and killing one civilian

 1.Burma Army troops fire guns and grenades at a car and motorbike between Hsenwi and Lashio, killing one man, and injuring three others, including a woman and 16-year-old girl

On April 14, 2015 at 8 am, a family was travelling in a Honda car from Lashio to Hsenwi in northern Shan State. The father, U Min Naing, was driving, his wife Ba Harn was sitting beside him, and their three children were sitting in the back seat: Nang Khawn Nan, aged 16, Sai Phyo Wei Lin, aged 10, and Nang Sai Sai Sen, aged 9.

 When their car reached Mong Li village, one of their daughters was feeling car sick, so the father speeded up to try and reach their destination sooner. In front of them, there was a convoy of about 20 Burma Army trucks, driving in the same direction. The father therefore began overtaking the convoy of trucks.

 As they were about to overtake the last truck in the convoy, the car driver saw a motorbike coming towards them from Hsenwi, so he decided to stop at the side of the road, seeing that the other army trucks that he had overtaken were still some way behind.

 Soon after the car stopped, there was a sound of an explosion and gunfire. The driver, U Min Naing was injured in his arm and leg. His wife looked back and saw that the rear window was smashed, and her daughter’s head was covered with blood.


The car which the family use 5

Shortly after this, there was another explosion, which hit the couple riding the motorcycle which had just passed the car. Loong Hsu, aged 40, who was driving the motorcycle, was hit in his chest. Blood came out of his mouth, and he died instantly. His wife, Nang Hseng, who was sitting behind him on the motorbike, was injured in her shoulder and calf.
After the explosions, the car passengers saw about 20 Burmese troops carrying weapons coming out from the bushes at the side of the road where the local Mong Li spirit shrine was located.

The car

Local people from the nearby village of Pang Part took the injured people to Hsenwi hospital. Loong Hsu was buried at the Hsenwi guest cemetery. Nang Hseng was hospitalized in Hsenwi and is now discharged, but is still recuperating.

Nang Khawn Nan, the 16-year-old daughter of the car driver, was operated in the head in Lashiohospital to have shrapnel removed, and was then shifted to Mandalay hospital, where she was operated on two more times. After the operations, she is now able to speak. However, due to the injury in the right side of her head, she cannot move the left side of her body.


Her father, U Min Naing, also received treatment for the injuries in his leg and shoulder. The cost of their medical treatment so far has been 4 million kyat (approx 4,000 USD). Due to the fact they were hiring another person’s car and the car was badly damaged by shrapnel and bullets, they also have to pay 7 million kyat (approx 7,000 USD) to the car owner.

 The police from Hsenwi came and took the vehicle to the Hsenwi police station for one week before returning it to the owner.

 The Burma Army has taken no responsibility for the incident.

 1.Motorcyclist shot at and injured by Burma Army troops near Muse

 On May 12, 2015 in the evening at 8:10 pm, about 10 Burma Army troops from Light Infantry Battalion 83 shot and injured a motorcyclist riding past Nam Jang Bridge, on the road between Muse and Namkham.

The motorcyclist, Sai Lieng Pang, age 16, was returning home on his motorbike after visiting his girlfriend in another village. He was hit by 5 bullets: 1 hit his head, 2 hit his shoulders and 2 hit his thigh and calf. Despite being hit, Sai Lieng Pang was so terrified that he kept driving his motorbike forward towards his home.

The victim Sai Lieng Pang 2

Sai Lieng Pang was admitted to Muse hospital and was operated on to remove the bullets. He is still unable to walk. He was visited on the night of the incident by police and Burmese military personnel, but the Burma Army has taken no responsibility for the shooting.

A week after the incident, Sai Lieng Pang’s family sent a letter to Nang Ngwe, a teacher and member of the Shan Nationalities Democratic Party in Muse, to try and press charges against the Burma Army. But until now, the family has not yet received a reply.

LIB 83 is under the control of Burma Army Division 88, and is based at Wan Ko Daung, near the market in Muse township. Its troops are active along the border of Kachin and Shan States, especially since the Burma Army launched an offensive against the Kachin Independence Army in this area in mid-April, 2014.


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