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April 8,2014

Shan Human Rights Foundation

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April 8, 2014

Burma Army soldiers beat, stab and rob villager in northern Shan State

A villager distributing invitations to his son’s ordination ceremony was beaten, stabbed and robbed by Burma Army troops of LIB 515 in Tang Yan Township, northern Shan State on 23rd March 2014.      

On that day, Sai Sarng, age 46, from Murng Kao, Tang Yan township, had gone to a neighboring town, Murng Ort, 15 miles south of Murng Kao, to distribute the ordination ceremony invitation letters. On his way there, the Burmese soldiers camping around Hua Long village, 12 miles from Murng Kao, asked him to buy them betel from the town. When he returned from Murng Ort that day, he bought the Burmese soldiers the betel as they had asked and continued travelling to his village. However, when he was about a mile from the camp, two Burmese soldiers holding a knife were waiting for him ahead on the road. The soldiers then beat him with a piece of wood on his head, face, neck; and stabbed his head, both sides of his cheeks, and the back of his neck till he lost consciousness. The Burmese soldiers then threw his body into a bush on the side of the road. The soldiers took the victim’s motorbike, about 50,000 Kyats (est. 55 USD) and a watch.


1 April,2014

1 April,2014

Statement of ShanCBOs

Joint statement of concern by Shan civil society organizations regarding public meeting by Burmese government and Hydrochina to promote dams on the Salween and Nam Ma Rivers 

We, the undersigned Shan organizations, are very concerned by the recent public meeting held by representatives of Burma’s Ministry of Electricity, the International Group of Entrepreneurs Co., Ltd. and Hydrochina Corporation in Tangyan township on March 17, 2014, to promote plans to build the Nawng Pha dam on the Salween river and the Mann Taung dam on the Nam Ma river, a Salween tributary. 

Over 100 people from 10 villages situated about 30-40 miles from the dam projects were invited to attend the meeting, but villages which are very close to the projects and likely to suffer the most negative impacts from the dam projects were not invited to participate.


28 March 2014

Statement by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

Spreading Burma Army attacks and abuses against civilians in Shan State undermine nationwide ceasefire negotiations

 The Shan Human Rights Foundation is deeply concerned at the escalation of attacks and abuses by the Burma Army against civilians in different areas of Shan State during March 2014, which are undermining current negotiations for a nationwide ceasefire.

Unlawful attacks and abuses have been documented recently in three townships, Nawng Khio and Kyaukme in northern Shan State, and Murngton in eastern Shan State. Troops from six Burma Army battalions have fired mortar shells at villages, arrested and tortured villagers, and looted villagers’ property and livestock.

In each incident, the Burmese troops were targeting civilians during military operations against Shan armed forces, the Shan State Army – North (SSA-North) and the Shan State Army – South (SSA-South), both of which have ceasefire agreements with the Burmese government and are involved in current negotiations for a nationwide ceasefire accord.

During March 1-2, 2014, as reported by SHRF, Burmese government troops from three battalions, Hsipaw based 502, Bago Division based 77, and Nawng Khio based 115, fired shells and sprayed gunfire without warning into villages in Nawng Khio township, severely tortured a villager, questioned the villagers at gunpoint, and looted livestock; causing about 2,000 villagers from eleven villages to flee their homes. Read More >>>

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 For further information, contact:

 Sai Hor Hseng (66) 085 869 4341 (Shan+ English)

  Nang Kwarn Lake (66) 084 668 0984 (0r) (66) 093 297 7754 (Burmese + English)


March 17 2014

March 17, 2014

Update by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

Burma Army shelling of villages, torture, looting cause 2,000 villagers to flee their homes near Chinese pipelines in N. Shan State

 Over 1,000 Burmese government troops fired shells and sprayed gunfire into villages in Nawng Khio township, severely tortured a villager, and looted livestock, causing about 2,000 villagers from eleven villages to flee their homes on March 1-2, 2014. This took place only 10 miles from China’s oil and gas pipelines, which traverse Burma including northern Shan State. Read More...

Shan | Burmese | English 

 More Photos >>>

 For further information, contact:

 Sai Hor Hseng (66) 085 869 4341 (Shan+ English)

 Nang Kwarn Lake (66) 084 668 0984 (Burmese + English)


February 13, 2014

February 13, 2014

An update by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

Large-scale land confiscation for Salween dam infrastructure in northern Shan State


Communities in over 60 villages have lost lands and houses due to construction of access roads and other infrastructure for the first dam on the Salween River in Burma, at Kunlong in northern Shan State.Since 2012, Asia World Company has been constructing a new 100-kilometer highway from Hsenwi through Kunlong to the Chinese border. Not only have villagers lost houses, lands and crops without compensation, but road construction has caused flooding, soil run-off into farmlands, contamination of water sources, and disruption of day-to-day village life.A new five-kilometer road has also been completed from Kunlong town north to the dam site, where 500 workers have been employed in cement and gravel production plants, and in building a power generating facility. Read More.....

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More Photos >>>>

For further information, contact:

Sai Hor Hseng (66) 085 869 4341 (Shan+ English)

Nang Kwarn Lake (66) 093 297 7754  (Burmese + English)


13 December 2013

December 13, 2013

An update by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

Villagers in eastern Shan State suffer forced labour and extortion by Burma Army troops guarding loggers in Salween dam flood zone


Villagers in Murng Paeng township are being used as forced labour by Burmese government troops giving security to military-linked logging operations above the planned Ta Sang dam on the Salween River. The loggers are clearing out teak forests from the projected flood zone for export to neighbouring countries.

Four Burmese battalions have been forcing villagers from nine villages in Murng Pu Long tract to work as military porters and guides, and to build and repair army camps and roads. The troops have also extorted food and money from villagers, and commandeered their vehicles.

These abuses are causing ongoing displacement into Thailand, where refugees from Shan State continue not to be recognized, and are forced to survive as migrant workers. Read more....

For further information, contact:

Tzarm Noan    (66) 082-183-9617 (Thai + English)

Hor Hseng      (66) 093-297-7754 (Shan + English)

Sur Han          (66) 084-825-2693 (Burmese + English)


Map of projected Ta Sang flood zone from 2006 report “Warning Signs” by the Shan Sapawa Environmental Organisation; the black rectangle shows the Murng Pu Long area

Map of logging routes


October 31, 2013

Villagers confined after Burma Army shelling of Shan ceasefire group near Thai border

Ethnic Padaung villagers of Ho Ha, in Ho Mong township, southern Shan State, were confined in their village for three days after Burmese Army soldiers attacked the nearby base of a Shan ceasefire group earlier this week.

On October 26, 2013, about 30 Burmese troops from Light Infantry Battalion 287, led by Major Min Zaw Lin, fired 60 mm mortar shells at Tab Kawng Hsarng, a base of the Shan State Army- South (SSA-S). The Burmese troops then stationed themselves in Wan Ho Ha village, about two kilometers from Tab Kawng Hsarng, restricting the residents from leaving the village for three days. The villagers were not allowed to carry out their livelihoods, and their children were not allowed to go to school at a nearby village. Read More.....


25 October 2013

Burmese government troops use villagers as human shields after attacks against ceasefire group in central Shan State

On October 13, 2013, Burmese government troops forced 18 villagers to walk between them as human shields while returning to their base, after attacking a Shan ceasefire group in Kunhing, close to the Salween River, in central Shan State.

About 80 Burmese troops from Light Infantry Battalion 150, based at Mong Zarng, 30 miles north of Kunhing, had attacked the Shan State Army-South during October 10 to 12, firing mortar shells and causing over 100 people from the village of Paeng Ner, southeast of Kunhing, to flee their homes. The name of the commanding officer of the Burmese troops was Than Hlaing Soe. Read more...


27 September 2013

Human rights abuses by Burma Army during conflict in northern Shan State during September 2013

Civilian vehicles forced to accompany Burmese military as shields along Muse-Namkham road

On September 12, 2013, about 60 civilian vehicles were forced to accompany Burmese troops travelling from Muse to Namkham.

On that day, at around 7.30 pm, about 6 trucks carrying Burmese troops were driving from Muse to Namkham. When they reached the village of Wan Nawng Kharng, near the Asia World checkpoint, several bombs exploded and there were gun shots.


28 August 2013

News alert: Burma Army shelling injures civilian in Namtu

A woman working on her corn farm in Namtu township, northern Shan State, was wounded by shrapnel from a Burmese government mortar shell during fighting against the Shan State Army-North (SSA-N) on August 15, 2013. On finding her, the Burmese troops did not assist her, but arrested her husband, forcing him to abandon his injured wife and guide them for two days. Read more.....

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